Featured Tiny House Builders
2019 Tiny Footprint House Builder Exhibitors--thank you all for opening your beautiful tiny homes for tours at our event. We know each one is a labor of love--we congratulate you on your achievements!

Social Housers

Hope's Village of SLO‚Äč

With community support and involvement, we are dedicated to establishing a safe, healthy, and drug-free village where veterans and other people who are homeless with little or no income can live in dignity and in peace, where their voices will be heard, and where they will have hope in their hearts for a brighter future. 

Operation WEBS--Women Empowered Build Strong

Our mission is to build tiny homes on wheels (THOWs) and develop a Farming Village Community for women Veterans who are displaced or homeless. Our vision is to deliver a self-sustaining, eco-friendly, vibrant farming community which offers the empowerment, enrichment, independence, comradery, and security that our Veteran heroines deserve and desperately need to aid in their successful transition back to a comfortable level of civilian normalcy after military service.

Canvas Houses

Canvas Houses are state-of-the-art tension fabric structures that are affordable, easily deployable, and fully furnished. The goal is for these structures is to be administered by metropolitan areas and serve as temporary housing for the homeless.

These temporary housing kits can find a home almost anywhere and can adapt to almost any type of environment, thus making it a viable solution for those in need of minimalist housing.

DIY Conversions & More

The expo is about people--and the variety of ways they choose to live. Come meet the fascinating and adventurous folks who've built a life on the road and will be at Tiny Footprint Expo to share what they've created.

Matt's Sprinter
Rustin and Jessica's Skoolie