Incentive Details

Home Providers: take advantage of an opportunity to receive $1,000!

HomeShareSLO $1000 New Provider bonus incentive program description.

New incentive starting March 28, 2022 for people who have an extra room but for people who haven't tried sharing before.

Incentive program terms:

  1. First 10 qualifying new providers eligible

  2. Only new program providers eligible for incentive-not existing clients;

  3. Only low income-CalHome qualified providers eligible ($54,000 or less annually)

  4. Providers eligible only if room rent offered is under $850/month including utilities

  5. Straight rent exchange only-Does not apply to Providers seeking full or partial task exchange

  6. Applies to client providers intending to provide housing for a year of more in term


Timing of payment; $500 when signed living together agreement with housemate and $500 6 months in; must be paid back if match does not last 1 year;

No match fee-means additional savings to new providers; (match fee is generally half of first month rent amount, paid by home providers)

Standard half first month rent match fee in place for people who don't qualify-or after 10 incentives have been matched.


Rustin Fuss, Client Services Manager, HomeShareSLO;  Office (805) 215-5474