Please review this page if you are not currently a resident of SLO County.

Hello! With the popularity of the Central Coast region, many folks interested in moving here find that the cost of housing is out of reach, so they think maybe homesharing is the solution for their housing needs. Please note: HomeShareSLO's facilitated matching process is very time-consuming and requires an in-person interview to apply, so it likely will not be a suitable solution for those relocating here, unless you can secure temporary housing for a month or more. Here's a rundown of the matching process, so you understand the necessity of applicants being in the area.

  1. Application meeting with lifestyle questionnaire interview
  2. We conduct background screening, call references
  3. Introductions begin--housing seeker's name and number are given to home providers who might be a fit. First conversation takes place on the phone.
  4. Second conversation between prospective homeshare participants takes place in person, at a neutral location such as a coffee shop.
  5. If that goes well, housing seeker will be invited to see the space.
  6. A 'trial match' of an overnight stay is done in the home to further test suitability.
  7. If housemates agree to proceed to the share, they meet with HomeShareSLO staff at the home to complete the Living Together Agreement and launch the match.
  8. Steps 2 through 6 may be gone through with multiple possible housemates before the right match is found.

It's just not practical to go through this process unless you are here in SLO County and have the time to invest. The goal of this extensive front-end work is to have some confidence that the parties have covered all the major areas of nuts-and-bolts and personal compatibility before the move in date, to have the best chance at creating a lasting homeshare.

Questions?  Call us at the office 215-5474 for more info.