Demo Cottage Spec Sheet

***Smart Share Housing & 3C-REN are neutral parties that have no financial interest in the sale of any particular product or home. We have chosen reasonably priced items available locally & receive no sponsorships or discounts.***

  • This is a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) on 22ft x 8'4" trailer=176 sq. ft. plus loft

  • Builder: Pacifica Tiny Homes, Corcoran, CA; Pacifica Tiny

    • Distance from factory to SLO: 121 mi; Delivery time: 2 hours from factory

    • This model: 22 foot "Tiny Victorian" with factory add-ons on reverse side

  • Cost: $73,493 for the base unit.  Additions or upgrades:

    • Separette Tiny waterless toilet $599-$1099:

    • Blinds–bottom up cellular blackout $900 (Home Depot order)

    • Waste lines and jacks $300–per Pacifica spec (Amazon orders)

    • Bluetti Portable Power Station I-2000 watts (for demonstration, not powering full time living $1574):

    • Adding soon: Off-grid solar power system–roughly 300watt panels to power off-grid living & higher wattage inverter & battery storage; est. $10,000

    • Class II road base underlay; 4.4 yards @ $371 delivered


  • Home includes all electric efficient appliances: combi-washer/dryer; mini-split heater/ac; induction stovetop; 10 gal. water heater;
  • 3rd party safety certification: Pacific West Tiny
  • Is this home legal now?--Yes, in Cities of SLO & AG; let your policymakers know if you want to see homes like this legal in more places
  • Off-grid or on-grid & water savings ready:
  • Separett waterless toilet, optional
  • Bluetti battery storage/inverter system ready to run from 100% off-grid solar power

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And more FAQs:

  • How long did it take from order to completion? 6 months for factory to build and deliver

  • How much does it weigh: a lot! 10,000 pounds

  • Insulation for 4 seasons? Yes! fiberglass R-13walls & R-19 in floor and ceiling

  • How much does it cost to live in a home like this? It depends on rent for the space the home is on and utility costs, if home is not off-grid

  • What about insurance?--tiny homes are insured similarly to RVs and 5th wheels; look for RV insurance or see tiny home builder websites

  • How is this house the same or different from… an RV, accessory dwelling unit (ADU), mobile home, park model, etc? –It's complicated, and different jurisdictions have different definitions & rules! Come to our workshops to learn more.

Smart Share Housing Solutions thanks project partner 3C-REN for bringing the Demo Cottage to Earth Day SLO!

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