Homesharing Advantages for Students and Faculty

HomeShareSLO puts together people with an extra room and those seeking affordable housing in our county. While many of our home providers are single elders with more room than they need, our program is open to all ages. What will you get? A private bedroom, usually furnished, a shared or private bath, and a shared kitchen or private kitchenette. Shared common areas may include living and dining rooms, laundry and outside space. Why consider homesharing? Our program has a number of advantages for students and faculty. Read on:

  • FLEXIBLE: Month-to-month agreements mean more flexibility with academic calendar
  • MORE AFFORDABLE: Our rooms are rented at low market rates (average $700 to $850)
  • INTER-GENERATIONAL: Sharing common areas with an older housemate can make for a quieter, more productive environment 
  • MORE SECURE: Home providers and seekers are background screened and identity verified
  • COOLNESS POINTS: Homesharing is the affordable housing solution for those who want to live more simply and add to our community's social capital
  • LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY: Homesharing is for everyone! We work with the campus PRIDE center and abide by Fair Housing Laws
  • We have rooms available now. Call for more info: 805-215-5474
  • Note: parental support as income may be possible for full-time students