Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) & Tiny Homes On Wheels (THOWs)

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YIMBY spoken here--yes in my backyard!

New program helps bring tiny house dreams to life in SLO city backyards

Smart Share Housing Solution's newest program is ADU SLO, created to make connections between people and tiny house living. A new ordinance now allows Tiny Houses On Wheels (THOWs) in SLO City and Arroyo Grande backyards, opening up new housing possibilities. (For now only these two cities allow ADU/THOWs.)

We're here to help folks go from dream to reality, whether they have a lot that might be suitable, or own their own tiny house and are looking for a yard to host it.

The photo shows the first yardshare match in SLO! Rita and Taylor agreed to share Taylor's yard and Rita moved her tiny house in on August 13th. Congrats to both! 

Our staff has background in planning, permitting and construction, and experience in drafting sharing agreements. Sign up below to stay in the loop, or email us at

Our Goal: To help the community move forward with this new opportunity and get Tiny Homes On Wheels, and other Accessory Dwelling Units, in SLO backyards as housing for low income SLO residents

What's the Deal with Tiny Homes on Wheels?

FAQ's--for more info please see link above to city of SLO info page

What's currently allowed?

  • A tiny house on wheels now qualifies as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU, granny unit) in the Cities of SLO and Arroyo Grande only
  • Tiny homes on wheels are allowed most places in SLO City and Arroyo Grande where a standard foundation-built ADU can be placed
  • A primary house must be in place first
  • Size: 150-400 square feet (not including lofts)
  • Utilities are connected to primary house utilities: water, electricity, sewer. Hookups and pad require an easy over-the-counter permit
  • Tiny house must be in back or side yard and stay on its wheels

What's not yet allowed?

  • No tiny homes on wheels outside of the SLO city and Arroyo Grande City limits yet--the County of SLO, other cities in the county have not allowed them so far
  • ADU SLO, a program of Smart Share Housing Solutions, is working with Regional Task Force to make this a county wide reality
  • Tiny home as the only home on the lot is not allowed
  • One of the homes must be owner-occupied--tiny house or main house
  • Tiny house must resemble a 'traditional home' and be certified by an industry-recognized standard as safe and energy efficient