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SmartShare Housing Solutions--creating housing solutions by connecting people and homes

SmartShare Housing Solutions Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 9 am to 6 pm  805-215-5474

SmartShare Housing Solutions, a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation, develops innovative housing solutions that add to the stock of attainable, sustainable housing. We are a 501(c)(3) public benefit non-profit corporation. Our Federal I.D. number is EIN# 82-3151265. SmartShare Housing Solutions is a member of the National Shared Housing Resource Center and currently operates three programs.

  • HomeShareSLO--a facilitated housemate-matching program serving mostly lower-income seniors
  • Tiny House Consulting--helping the community understand and implement the new rules allowing tiny homes on wheels in shared backyards
  • Co-Living Collaborative--seeks to explore ownership opportunities to provide deed-restricted affordable, sustainability focused, community-centered housing

HomeShareSLO facilitates matches between home providers--people with an extra room--and home seekers--those looking for a home. It helps provide affordable housing with existing resources, allows for aging-in-place, builds community and empowers community members. Since launching in 2016, the program has facilitated 63 matches between clients, providing housing, income and security for 93 clients.

Tiny House Consulting works to educate and inspire people around the new affordable, sustainable housing option of tiny houses on wheels. New ordinances allowing THOW's in qualifying backyards in the City of SLO offer exciting opportunities for affordable homeownership and rentals of tiny homes in underutilized backyard spaces. A nonprofit third-party can help agencies and applicants navigate the new territory and establish best practices.

Co-Living Collaborative aims to expand housing options through development of affordable, eco-minded shared living created by converting existing commercial spaces such as older motels and bed and breakfast inns to co-living centers with a mix of shared and private spaces. The program has been evaluating potential projects since 2017. In addition to creating needed housing for lower income renters in SLO County, the goal is to create a model for such conversions that can be replicated in other communities.

How We Got Here

Recognizing that there are more housing solutions available than people commonly think, the non-profit SmartShare Housing Solutions started as HomeShareSLO in 2016 with the mission to help connect people and homes. HomeShareSLO was modeled after approximately 60 successful homesharing programs in the U.S. (More information about these programs at: https://nationalsharedhousing.org/ )

Homesharing builds on community capacity and facilitates matches between "providers," people with an extra room, and "seekers," people seeking housing. Homesharing provides extra income and security for home providers, and it provides a safe, affordable house for persons in need of housing. Because the community is helped with provision of housing with little to no public subsidies or having to build new structures, it is a win-win-win.

With thanks to support from a dedicated board of volunteers, fiscal sponsorship support from Ecologistics, and funding from the City of Morro Bay, County of San Luis Obispo, Dignity Health and a handful of committed private donors, HomeShareSLO commenced operations, signing up the first home seekers and providers, in January 2017.

Two years after inception, SmartShare Housing Solutions achieved independent non-profit status, continuing to use the name HomeShareSLO. 

In 2019, in addition to the initial HomeShareSLO program, SmartShare added two new housing programs to support safe, affordable, sustainable housing in the County of San Luis Obispo: Tiny House Consulting and the Co-Living Collaborative.

As of the end of 2019, the HomeShareSLO program has signed up more than 300 home seekers and providers and matched together more than 120 clients in safe, affordable homes. These matches generate approximately $8,000 income per year for the mostly lower-income senior home providers, supporting their ability to provide for basic services, while saving the home seekers an average of $8,400 per year, as compared to renting a one-bedroom apartment.

The approximately 63 homeshare matches in place through the HomeShareSLO program bring benefit income for providers and cost savings for seekers of $656,000 per year, an approximate six-fold return on investment--and growing!

The SmartShare Housing Solutions all volunteer board and staff look forward to continuing to work with you to provide housing solutions in the form of hope and safe homes for residents of San Luis Obispo County.

Who is SmartShare Housing Solutions?  

Our volunteer board members and three part-time staffers believe that safe, affordable housing is a human right, and that a thriving, inclusive community is impossible without access to attainable, sustainable housing.

SmartShare Housing Solutions Board of Directors

Marianne Kennedy


Ms. Kennedy has over 30 years of experience working with community non-profit groups. Recognizing the need for affordable housing for vulnerable populations, she believes homesharing can be part of the solution. 

Joanna Balsamo-Lilien

Vice Chair

Joanna's a Property Management Specialist for Family Care Network, managing properties for youth aging out of the foster care system and formerly homeless families. She has many years of working to create and support affordable housing from both the non-profit and government sector. "I am passionate about the need for affordable housing as well as the need to maximize our use of all the resources available. HomeShare is the perfect marriage of those two."

Lisa Gonzalez, EA, MBA

Financial Officer

Lisa Gonzalez is a professional accountant and an IRS enrolled agent. She handles the books for several local nonprofits and has served on the boards as well. Lisa's commitment to helping nonprofits utilize best financial practices is a great asset to our community.

Tim Waag


Tim is passionate about creating affordable housing opportunities and assisting un-housed persons, and he's not afraid to get his hands dirty or tell you what he thinks. He can often be found along the banks of San Luis Creek offering supplies, assistance and a friendly word. Tim's a strong believer in homelessness prevention through programs like HomeShareSLO.

Grace Crittenden, MD

Board Member

Dr. Grace Crittenden is an internist in San Luis Obispo. Dr. Crittenden has many senior clients and sees isolation as a contributor to poor health outcomes and believes homeshare can be a solution. 

Marcia Alter

Board Member

Marcia brings many years of success in the profit and non-profit arena as a small business owner, fundraiser and teacher. She is enjoying her retirement years as an active volunteer and launching Laughter Wellness awareness throughout our county.

Alan Prince

Board Member

Alan Prince is a practicing Occupational Therapist (OT) with over 22 years of experience working with adult and geriatric patients in a variety of settings. He is CAPS (Certified Aging in Place) certified through the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders).

Sharon Gottesfeld

Sharon has a legal background and currently volunteers with the History Center and as a tutor with Literacy with Life. Her experience sharing housing with seniors in New York City gives her valuable perspective on the challenges and benefits of homesharing.

Fred Hathaway

Board Member

A 5th-generation Californian, Fred's retired from a career teaching English and ESL. He's lived in SLO for six years and believes that community engagement makes for a richer life. 

Smart Share Housing Solutions Administrative Team

Anne Wyatt

Executive Director

Anne is a housing policy planning consultant and frequent contributor to the national magazine Planning, Vice Chair of the San Luis Obispo County Commission on Aging, National Shared Housing Resource Center board member, and a former County Planning Commissioner.

Shona Pruitt

Program Coordinator

Shona has over 25 years of experience working in non-profit housing and property management. She has a passion for helping the underserved and creating housing for those in need. She's written and administered grants for housing at the local, state and federal levels. She served as the Co-Chair on the Supportive Housing Consortium for many years. 

Celeste Goyer

Operations Director

Celeste's background in marketing, graphic design and administrative organization for multi-family property management provides a broad range of operational oversight.

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Choosing your home share partner is up to you. We'll provide pre-screened applicants who match your preferences. HomeShareSLO abides by the Fair Housing laws and accepts all applicants, regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, the presence of minor children, receipt of public assistance or gender identity. It is your decision regarding who you want to live with.