Demo Off-Grid Caretaker's Cottage

A Charming, Tiny, Practical, All-Electric Housing Solution

Demo Off-Grid Caretaker's Cottage

The Demo Off-Grid Caretakers Cottage: This Tiny Victorian Model from Pacifica Tiny shows how a small living space can function as a safe, efficient and beautiful living environment for the County's 1 in 4 single person households, including SLO's single seniors... Smart Share Housing Solutions will hold workshops, coffee chats and other educational opportunities at this Demo House at 466 Dana Street--future site of Waterman Village. Visit our Events page regularly for more information on upcoming activities.

What is a  Demo Off-Grid Caretaker's Cottage?

This tiny house gives people the opportunity to explore, see for themselves, and demonstrates that small homes, homes on wheels can be affordable, fully functional and livable off-grid.

Our Demo home is designed to function completely off the grid, with a waterless toilet and solar system. The systems also highlight all-electric zero carbon and low water use, allowing for more housing with minimal associated environmental impacts.

Smart Share Housing Solutions aims to get a pilot program approved to place more of these off-grid units in places that could use "caretaker units" to keep an eye on their spaces at night - like churches, service group buildings, and daycare centers. Many of these facilities are committed to helping people out by dedicating parking lot space to a rental unit that can serve the dual function of housing someone and keeping the property safe.

The Demo House will:

  1. Show off a similar beautiful interior layout as homes proposed for the Waterman Village
  2. Preview the interior layout of proposed Waterman Village homes, which will be roughly the same footprint; possible use as on-site construction caretakers quarters

  3. Help Smart Share Housing Solutions establish a pilot program in the County allowing 5-15 caretakers quarters, off-grid THOWs, on multiple sites at churches and service clubs
  4. Illustrate how a small living space can function as a safe, affordable, beautiful, pleasing, energy efficient home, particularly for the County's 1 in 4 single person households, from a neutral party that has no financial interest in the sale of any particular product

  5. Explore off-grid options: solar electric system and waterless waste systems and how such systems help overcome installation obstacles and save resources. Show off all electric energy efficient appliances, including: induction stove; mini-split heat/ac; combi-washer/dryer

  6. To hold energy efficiency workshops in conjunction with and other partner organizations.

Click on the Spec Sheet for further details.

Smart Share Housing Solutions is looking to the future to explore and expand opportunities for legal placement of these homes.

  • Legalize beyond the Cities of Arroyo Grande & San Luis Obispo

  • Allow as off-grid units with adequate solar battery storage and waterless waste systems

  • Initiate pilot program to allow 5-15 pilot project caretakers off-grid cottages on multiple commercial/public facility (non-residential) sites at churches, service clubs and other places. Night times occupancy of sites could add value & create a home at lower cost than options.

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