Waterman Peace Village

Downtown San Luis Obispo

Help us build a sustainable     Micro Village

With your help, we are ready to build 15 - 20 new 100% affordable homes downtown San Luis Obispo at the Rosa Butron de Canet Adobe.

  • Quick process, factory built homes on permanent foundations

  • Affordable, less cost to build and attainable housing for single lower income households

  • Environmentally friendly, low footprint, low resource use & car-free living

The Waterman project, a sustainable micro-village, will renovate the historic adobe at 466 Dana Street and add up to 20 affordable Tiny Homes. The long unused property will be transformed to serve the community, bringing old and new together while preserving the lush tree canopy AND meeting needs for local affordable housing. Through these efforts, neighborhood safety and vitality will be further enhanced.  

Smartshare Housing has generous commitments for over $729,000, more than half of our $1M goal to raise by May 31st. Having a show of community support increases our chance of getting a city grant on June 7th.  

Your additional contributions to fund low cost housing and environmental solutions will make more of a difference NOW than ever and show that this model and solution is replicable in San Luis Obispo and elsewhere.   

Waterman Park Village Site drawing
Waterman Park Village Site drawing

Early Site Drawing by Ken Haggard. 

Frequently Asked Questions about this Project:

1. What is the Waterman Peace Village Project and who owns the property?

Waterman Peace Village is a joint project of the City of San Luis Obispo (the owner of the property), and two non-profit agencies, The Peace Project and Smart Share Housing Solutions. The use of the historic Rosa Butron de Canet Adobe and grounds will be established in a long-term lease between the City and the non-profit project operators.

The project vision includes preservation of the site's natural beauty and heritage trees, rehabilitation of the historic adobe, construction of a micro-village of efficient tiny homes, and creation of an art studio and neighborhood park. Waterman Peace Village will be a cultural heritage center that models sustainable living practices, encourages community interactions through walking and bicycling, and provides residents and the community a calm, shaded neighborhood park. Smart Share Housing Solutions and The Peace Project will manage daily operations.

2. What is proposed?

Once rehabilitated, the historic adobe will contain an office, kitchen, bathroom, space for small meetings or gatherings, and caretaker quarters. A model, car-free, micro-village of efficient tiny homes will provide affordable housing for community-minded residents, committed to the project and sustainable living practices. A new art studio will house a small permanent collection, and provide community space for interpretive displays, rotating cultural artifacts, and activities such as poetry reading, art making, lectures, and demonstrations. Public access hours to view the historic adobe and tour the new studio to be determined. Park grounds will be accessible to neighbors during daylight hours.

3. What's already been done?

  • In April 2020, in response to a request for proposals from the City, Smart Share assembled a volunteer project team and proposed a project of small 100% affordable housing scattered among the site's beautiful trees.

  • The Smart Share proposal was accepted along with a proposal for a community art center, by the Peace Project.

  • In 2021, the SLO City Council approved an exclusive negotiating agreement (ENA) with Smart Share and the Peace Project establishing benchmarks required by project applicants to secure a long term lease from the City and proceed with project development.

  • In 2022 Smart Share hired architect Dana Hunter at Hunter Smith Architecture to assist with site renderings for the development review process.

4. What's happening now?

  • Smart Share is working with micro-home manufacturer BevyHouse on tiny house plans--BevyHouse would build the homes in its Santa Paula factory and then place the homes on permanent foundations on the site!

  • Project construction lead Terri Main, from the Main Company, Inc, is working with City staff and contractors to submit development review documents; to estimate construction costs; and plan for adobe rehab with Robert Vessely PE and others.

  • Smart Share's volunteer team is: sharing information about the project with neighbors and community members; requesting support and funding from community members; and building a sense of excitement around how this micro-community model, with lower cost factory built permanent, affordable tiny housing and car-free living, can work on this site and be replicated elsewhere.

  • Smart Share staff is working with City and County staff to secure affordable housing funds for the project, and project partners are now submitting conceptual project plans to the City, including a Historic Resource Report.

5. What are the next steps for the Waterman Peace Village Project?

  • Your involvement is a valuable factor toward providing safe, affordable housing in this premier location. 

  • The City of San Luis Obispo and the County need to know you want this project to happen. Your pledge of support will influence their investment. 

  • Contribute financially now to help us reach our match goal.  Please donate now!  Donate by credit card here online or send checks to P.O. Box 15034 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406.

Your tax-deductible pledge can be cash/check/credit card or: 

 - appreciated stocks or securities
 - real estate or other property

 - all or a portion of your annual RMD (required minimum distribution)

 - gift from your DAF (donor advised fund)

Call to talk about which option(s) might be right for you: 805-215-5474 OR donate cash now with a check to: Smart Share Housing Solutions, P.O.Box 15034, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

For more information and to get on our project updates list, please visit smartsharehousingsolutions.org, call 805.215.5474 or email info@smartsharehousingsolutions.org.