How It Works
Creating  Housing Solutions by Connecting People and Homes 

Home Providers--Step by Step

  • Call to schedule a home visit, 805-215-5474.
  • Fill out application (we can help).
  • We conduct background screening and check your personal references.
  • Be patient while we find you compatible matches.
  • You conduct phone interview with selected home seekers (pre-screened and qualified). We help by providing interview questions.
  • Meet your potential match in person. (We suggest a neutral location, such as a coffee shop.) Again, we send you a list of questions covering the main areas of concern.
  • As the home provider, YOU are in control. 
  • If all goes well, we strongly suggest a trial match of a few days, with the home seeker bringing just a suitcase and any pets who will be part of the household.
  • You select the seeker to share your home with.
  • Get it in writing with a Living Together Agreement. Our template covers all the bases, from rent amount, to utilities, to parking and more.
  • First month's rent is paid direct to HomeShareSLO to cover costs, after that, 100% of the income is yours to keep. (Don't forget taxes, of course.)
  • Monitoring. HomeShareSLO staff will check in regularly to make sure all goes well, assisting with mediation if necessary.
  • Exit strategy. The average home share match lasts 1-4 years. Make it a smooth transition by planning in advance with exit strategy guidelines as part of your written agreement.

Home Seekers--Step by Step

  • Check the Do I Qualify? page to see if you meet minimum qualifications.
  • Call us and we'll pre-qualify you over the phone and set up an application/interview meeting with our staff.
  • Bring your completed application, valid photo I.D., proof of income (at least $1050 a month) and 3-4 references. 
  • Application and screening fees of $50 due. Additional fees may be charged for more than 2 legal names used in last 10 years or 3 counties of residence in last 7 years.
  • We conduct background screening and call your references.
  • We give your contact info to suitable home providers. They call you for the first conversation.
  • First meet them in person at a neutral location like a coffee shop or park. We supply helpful lists of questions to discuss.
  • If your phone and in-person conversations go well, they'll invite you to see the space. 
  • If you agree on the main terms and everything looks positive, they may invite you to conduct a Trial Match, where you stay for a few days with just a suitcase to test the match.
  • Sign the Living Together Agreement and start home sharing! At this signing meeting, you will pay your first month's rent, and your deposit will be due, usually an additional month's rent.
  • Note: please factor the cost of shared utilities into your housing budget. These can range from $50-150 per month, depending on size of shared spaces, seasonal variations and amenities.
  • Feel free to contact us with questions--we're here to help and dedicated to your successful home share experience.