Persons Seeking Homeshares 

Below you will find a sample list of persons seeking homeshares through our program. All applicants have been background checked and meet our qualifications. One Room Can Change Two Lives with HomeShareSLO! PLEASE note: At this time we cannot take new applications for those seeking a place to live. Check back here in March to see if we have started taking applications again.

SLO City Seeker Looking for Clean, Smoke-Free Homeshare

Homeshare type: rent

"Hi, I'm hoping to share a clean household in SLO. I work part-time in healthcare and sometimes go out of town for a week from time to time. Having a social relationship with my housemate would be great and I do like privacy and quiet. I enjoy hiking, movies and travel. Seeking a rent only homeshare, furnished or unfurnished room okay. I don't have pets but I'm okay with pets in the household. Absolutely no smokers." HSS25

Single Mom Seeking Share in SLO, Morro Bay or 5 Cities

Homeshare type: Task exchange

"Hi, I am a single mom with a creative 5 year old daughter who attends school part time in summer and full time in the fall. We enjoy coloring, planting or caring for flowers, walks in nature, and the beach. I am about to start new career training to better suit my limitations with fibromyalgia. We are looking for a bright, clean, and courteous household that is child-friendly. We enjoy both social interaction and time to ourselves to recharge from the day."  HSS33

Willing to help with: meal prep, housework, computer, organizing, gardening, rides, some home maintenance, laundry, pet care, companionship.

Need Gardening Help? Seeking Housing in North County

Homeshare type: partial task exchange

"Hello, I've been sharing through HomeShareSLO for about 3 years. My housemate is getting married, so I'm looking for a new spot in Paso or another north county community. I'm a senior male, a college grad, I work part-time, I like to garden, go to the gym and movies. At my last homeshare, I drove my housemate's son to school because it was hard with her work schedule. Looking forward to talking with you."

Willing to help with: housekeeping, gardening, rides, companionship, organizing, pet care

Seeking Task Exchange in Los Osos, Morro Bay or SLO

Homeshare type: partial task exchange

"I'm compassionate, responsible, respectful, drama-free, generous and quick to lend a hand/ear. I walk the line between extrovert and introvert; appreciating community doings, deep conversation and play as well as valuing alone-time for art, music, yoga and introspective journeys. I enjoy crafting, gardening, ecstatic dance and beach walks. My musical tastes are inclusive and eclectic, preferring talent over genre. My friends call me two things: Sunshine and resilient. Furnished or unfurnished okay. I don't have a pet but I'm okay with pets in the household. Looking for a homeshare that's okay with respectful cannabis use."  HSS34

Willing to help with: meal prep, housework, computer, organizing, gardening, home maintenance (experienced in house painting and carpentry), laundry, pet care, companionship

Educator with Arts Background Seeking LGBTQ+ Friendly Homeshare

Homeshare type:  flexible--rent, full task exchange, partial task exchange

"Hi, I'm hoping to share a clean, safe, well-organized and LGBTQ+ friendly home. I work part-time from home and in my free time I enjoy swimming, hiking, jewelry making, photography and the arts. I enjoy cooking and eating healthy. A friendly relationship with my housemate would be great, but I do need lots of private alone time. Looking forward to meeting you!"  HSS45

Willing to help with: meals, organizing, rides, computer, companion, pets, gardening, can tutor in art, photography, and other topics

Looking for Homeshare in SLO or Coastal Areas

Homeshare type: rent or partial task exchange

"Hello, I'm looking to share a clean and well-organized home. I currently work from home, doing a variety of things, but mainly writing. I've completed a lot of training in the holistic healthcare field including physical therapy, culinary medicine, and yoga training and I'm looking into career opportunities for what may be a good fit for work for me in that field. I love spending time outdoors and being active. I love connecting with and caring for animals, although I don't have any of my own at this time. I also love to cook and often will plan and cook meals ahead of time to have for the week. A friendly relationship with my housemate would be great, but I also need a lot of private alone time. Non-smoker with no pets, prefer a furnished room with use of a full kitchen."  HSS59

Willing to help with: housework, meal prep, companionship, yard work, pet care

Seeking Pet-Friendly Homeshare in 5 Cities Area

Homeshare type: rent

"Hi, I'm hoping to find a separate space in a well-organized home with one other person. I am currently not working but can pay rent. I may volunteer or work part-time doing something mellow like caregiving, helping the churches and community, etc. I enjoy taking good care of myself, hanging out with friends regularly, taking walks and staying in good health, going to church activities. I like to cook and make meals ahead for the week regularly. A friendly relationship with my housemate is necessary of course. I'm an experienced homesharer and I'd like to have the possibility of having a pet of my own. Maybe you have a private suite with its own entrance? Flexible on furnished or unfurnished."    HSS64

Retired Professional Seeks Homeshare in North County

Homeshare type: flexible

"Hello. I'm a retired professional woman. I have been in the country all of my life. I like my own space. I am a quiet, respectful, thoughtful renter--very neat and clean. I am involved in many activities so I am out a lot. During my life, I have been very active engaging in the outdoors and wish to continue. I like to help out however I can. I'm a nonsmoker with no pets but okay if you have them."    HSS70