Do I Qualify?

Qualification Checklists for Home Providers and Seekers

If you're in SLO county, have an extra bedroom and are looking for income from rent or help with tasks around the house, let's talk. Not sure yet? We'll come to your home to discuss the program and see your space, with no obligation. 805-215-5474

Have a Home to Share?

Home Provider Program Qualifications

  • Could you use some extra income or some help with tasks around the house?
  • Do you have an extra bedroom in your home in SLO County? 
  • Can you provide three personal references?
  • Do you have a valid I.D.?
  • Can you pass a background check? (See seeker guidelines on this page)
  • Are you either a non-drinker, moderate drinker or currently sober and in recovery? No current use of illegal substances?
  • Providers can be owners or renters with mortgage or lease in good standing.
  • Must be living independently or with support system in place and able to fully participate in program by advocating for yourself and interacting with staff and housemate

If you're looking for safe, affordable housing and meet the following qualifications, contact our office to be pre-qualified and learn more about getting started. Our qualifications prioritize the safety of the home provider, often a vulnerable single senior, with a goal of creating a stable, longer-term arrangement that serves both parties. 805-215-5474

Looking for a Home?

Home Seeker Program Qualifications (Revised November 8, 2021)

  • Do you live, work or go to school in San Luis Obispo county?
  • Can you show proof of income of $900/month or more?
  • Our minimum credit score is 575.
  • $25 seeker screening fee.
  • If not able to pay average market rent (average $715) are you willing to help with household tasks for reduced rent?
  • Can you provide three references (no family or domestic partners)?
  • Do you have a valid I.D.? (We confirm identity and review DMV records)
  • Is your rental history free of evictions?
  • No convictions for crimes against persons or property in last 7 years? No pending criminal charges? No history of convictions for elder abuse, fraud or violent crimes?
  • Are you either a non-drinker, moderate drinker or currently sober and in recovery? No current use of illegal substances?
  • Note: if applying with another person, or as a couple, you both must qualify individually

We background screen all participants. If you have an eviction, current addiction/behavioral issue or a conviction for a crime against person or properties in the last 7 years, you won't qualify. Not sure? Call our office to discuss. 805-215-5474. HomeShareSLO background screens applicants through national and local criminal records, eviction database, DMV records, I.D. verification, and sex offender registry check.


Choosing your home share partner is up to you. We'll provide pre-screened applicants who match your preferences. HomeShareSLO abides by the Fair Housing laws and accepts all applicants, regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, the presence of minor children, receipt of public assistance or gender identity. It is your decision regarding who you want to live with.