Tiny Footprint Expo
It's a wrap!  We couldn't have done it without you--thanks for joining us! We look forward to staying connected with folks interested in tiny homes in SLO city and county. Our nonprofit program Tiny House Consulting will continue post-expo as a resource and hub for the community, with a goal of facilitating placement of 20 tiny houses in backyards by the close of 2020! 

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first Tiny Footprint Expo. It was a joy to see so much enthusiasm for this new housing option. Big thanks to our sponsors, vendors, exhibitors, keynote speaker, community partners, volunteers, and to the Madonna Event Center for hosting our event on the beautiful meadows site. The SmartShare Housing Solutions board and staff are grateful to all who helped us make this space to talk about tiny houses on wheels and sustainability. We'll have more info about where we go from here in the weeks to come. 

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With gratitude for the generosity and support of our Event Sponsors

Premier Community Partners

Tiny Homes on Wheels Legal in San Luis Obispo!

The first legal tiny house on wheels to move into a SLO City backyard was backed into its new home on August 13th. The tiny homeowner and yard homeowner are pioneers in a new program to improve access to affordable, sustainable housing by utilizing existing resources (city backyards).